Scheduled Maintenance

● 5000 Mile Service / Oil & Filter Change
Includes: Drain and replace up to 5 quarts of oil ($10 each additional quart). Remove and replace oil filter, replace drain plug washer. Perform full safety inspection and check vehicle fluids, check engine air filter and cabin air filter ($24.99* each to replace). Inspect wiper blades. Inspect tires and one free diagnostic code scan.

● 15000 / 30000 Mile Service 
Includes 5K plus: engine air filter and cabin air filter replacement, wiper blade replacement and tire rotation.

● 60000 Mile Service
Includes 30K plus – Transmission Service

● 100000 Mile Service
Includes 60K plus – Spark plugs, Serpentine Belt, Brake Fluid Replacement and Cooling System Flush

Used Car / Truck Pre-Purchase Inspections

Whether you decide to purchase through a dealer or private party, the description could state one thing and the vehicle itself could be informing you of something different 🤔 Wouldn’t it be great if someone trusted checked over the vehicle and then honestly informed you of all it’s current repairs and future concerns, before signing the title? A Pre-Purchase inspection by a trusted mechanic can provide the peace of mind needed before committing to the major purchase a used car or truck. What we look at:

🚘 Exterior – glass, paint for fade, scratches, dents, Seams where the trunk and hood close and Seams where doors and fenders meet are properly aligned, Headlights and directional lights.

🚘 Tires – same make, free of any cuts, bubbles or cracks, alignment and suspension concerns, spare tire, jack and lug wrench on car and fully functional.

🚘 Engine – Free of fluid or oil leaks, Battery terminals free of corrosion, inspection of fluids, filters, belts.

🚘 Interior – condition of seats and carpet, doors open and close freely, trunk opens and closes freely, gauges, dashboard warning lights, stereo, heater, AC, windshield wipers, seat belt safety, windows operate properly.

🚘 Brakes – verify pad life, condition of rotors, inspect brake lines.

🚘 Suspension – inspect shocks/struts for leaks, check suspension bushings for abnormal wear.

🚘 Test drive – dependent on seller, test drive to run the transmission through all the gears, verify if vehicle is driving straight or pulling (alignment issues), check performance of brakes and suspension and overall verifying how vehicle drives and if that matches visual inspection.

Does distance or scheduling make the vehicle too difficult to get to? Rocco can contact the seller directly, schedule the meeting and perform these inspections without the buyer having to be onsite ✅ With each inspection, Rocco provides a detailed report including emailed photos (if necessary). He will also provide an overall opinion of the condition of the vehicle. Don’t get stuck purchasing something you aren’t 100% sure of!

Other Services

● Brakes 
● Starter or Alternator Replacement
● Battery Replacement
● Timing Belts
● Valve Adjustment
● Water Pumps
● Suspension and more!
*for most cars

Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I use my own parts?
Yes! But please be aware that all automotive repairs with parts provided by Rocco come with a 12 month unlimited mileage warranty. There is no warranty provided with customer supplied parts.

2. Do you service hybrids / change hybrid batteries?
​We do! Send us a message to inquire about your particular hybrid.

3. What areas of southern California do you service?
We currently service the Long Beach, Lakewood and Signal Hill communities!

4. Do you specialize in particular vehicles? 
We have extensive experience in all domestic and in most foreign vehicles (excluding european). Our specialities include Honda, Toyota, Mazda and Ford.

5. Do you perform pre-purchase inspections?
Yes! Definitely!

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